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Lori Longenbaugh

There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book. —Frank Serafini




      My name is Lori Longenbaugh and I teach 7th grade Reading. I am so excited to get to teach your child this year! I love Reading and I hope to "infect" your child with a love of Reading too.   I believe the way to get better at something is to practice, so your child will have plenty of opportunities during the week to practice Reading and Reading skills.

       On Mondays, I introduce a story and your child will have to read a few pages (around 4) and they will have a 2 question story quiz over those 4 pages the next day as soon as they walk into class. These can not be made up since we will go over the questions/answers as we read the assigned pages together. Tuesday night there will be a few more pages assigned to be read to finish the story (around 4) and there will be 2 more questions (story quiz) on the board the next day (Wed) to be answered and students will not be able to make these up either. We will finish reading the story together and discussing it and then the open-book Story Test will be passed out. This should be finished in class. If for some reason it is not finished, the student can take it home and BRING IT BACK the next day.

      We do STARR practice sheets and go over them in class. These can not be made up!! We go over the answers in class discussing the location of the answer and why it is correct and what proofs support the answer.  There will also be a weekly vocabulary paper and that can be made up.

      We also will do a project (slideshow, poetry, book reports, presentations, etc) every 6 weeks that could count as a test grade- depending on how much time is needed.

       I really love reading and want to inspire your children to love reading too!! Feel free to contact me anytime-My conference time is 2:50-3:35.


Lori Longenbaugh

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