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I would like to welcome you all to 8th grade.  Together we will make this an exciting and successful school year.  If you would like to schedule a conference with me please call the office at 254-729-4102.  

Attendance: Students should be present at least 90% of the time.  When a student misses it puts them that much further behind.  

Computer Procedures: Bring your computer charged and ready to go every day.  Penealties will be given for students not following procedures.  More procedures will be addressed in your Computer Agreement.  

Social Contract: We will create a social contract for each class.

Cell Phones: Cell phones should be placed in students backpaks on silent or vibrate unless I have instructed them to have them out for an assignment/project.


Ms. Roberts

I am excited about this school year.  I will be your child's Reading teacher.  The class period is only 49 minutes. Therefore, your child will assigned to read about 4 pages of an assigned story Monday night and then have a story quiz over the assignment on Tuesday.  It will be the same for Tuesday, Wednesday, and possibly Thursday (4 pages to read and then a test on Wednesday). Every Thursday, the students will take a vocabulary quiz over the vocabulary from the story.  Friday, they will take an open book test over the story.  On Monday's, they will receive a STAAR passage to complete with strategies worked out for homework.  It will be due on Thursday at the beginning of the class period.  Each student will receive a Literary Terms list.  Each week we will learn different terms and test on them.  Students will be required to still read every day in addition to the assigned story, students are encouraged to read a variety of different genres (fantasy, science fiction, nonfiction, fiction, poetry, newspaper, etc.) of literature.  It is very important that we work together to support their growth in this area.  My goal is that each student becomes self-directed strategic readers.