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All Region Band Information

All Region Band Information

Tryout is Friday, December 2, 2016

8th Grade Performance

After School – Noon Release

@ Groesbeck High Schol Varsity Gym

Mr. Boecker will drive a bus over to the high school for students that need a ride. The tryouts are for the ATSSB All Region 8 East Zone Middle School Band. These tryouts involve every school district in central Texas public and private. Groesbeck I.S.D. pays the entry fee for every band member, $10.00. Students are to register in the foyer of the Varsity Gym. Everyone is assigned a Number and Letter. Every student will be given a label to be put ontheir tee shirt. All students will congregate in the gym until their Number and Letter is called. Students will be responsible for themselves. They will line up when called and be led to their individual room. They will go into the room and play their assigned material. When they are done playing, they leave the room and have completed their assignment. Students may leave immediately after performing. Please be ready to pick up your student when they finish their tryout.

All students are encouraged to have access to a phone.

The 8th grade band will use the first 12 weeks of school preparing for these tryouts. Students will be assigned parts of the music every week. Small parts will be played every week. No student will be required to go to All Region tryouts that is not prepared. The tryouts are one of the two individual assignments during the school year, the second being solo and ensemple contest on February 24, 2017.