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Pep Rally Performances

Pep Rally Performances

Thursday’s during football season


The 8th grade band will be performing at every pep rally held for football games. The band plays The GMS Fight Song, and Go Big Red at every pep rally. We will also perform a pop tune every week. The 7th grade band will join us for one of the last pep rallies and play Go Big Red or one additional selection.


To better prepare for our responsibilities, all band members will play their instruments when we perform. Cheerleaders and Footbal players will be multitasking every pep rally. It is a great opportunity to show the entire school how god students are involved on more than one activity, making the school a great place.

Pep Rally performances are governed by U.I.L. grade standards, after completing the first 6 week grade period, performing students must be passing alll classes to perform.