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2016-2017 Syllabus

Groesbeck Middle School

Miss Ballard

English/Language Arts/Reading Syllabus


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General Classroom Rules:  Be punctual. Be polite and respectful. Follow all instructions, procedures, and requests.  


Daily Supplies Needed for Class:

  • Pencil or Pen (Blue or Black Ink): it’s hard to write without them

  • ELAR Journal (composition book)

  • Wide Rule Notebook Paper: it’s hard to write without it

  • Highlighters

  • Chromebook

  • Library Book


Classroom Procedures and Work:  

    At the beginning of class, students are expected to be seated at their desks, with their required daily supplies, ready to begin working.  Students should have all necessary materials and homework (if assigned) ready for class everyday.  


Classroom Expectactions:

    You are expected to:

  1. Be prepared (you have all your supplies)

  2. Put your cell phone in the tray when you enter the classroom

  3. Be ready to work when the bell rings

  4. Meet classroom behavior expectations.  This means that you’re not talking when someone is, even when we are reading aloud.  (This includes me.)  It also means you’re not being being disruptive, and you’re focused (or...look like you’re focused).

Please be aware that there will be consequences for constant talking or disruptive behavior.  This includes not following directions, not working when given assignments, and defiant behavior.


Students will have a minimum of 10 Daily Grades and 3 Test Grades for each 6 Weeks.  The 6 Weeks Test will count as 1 of the Test Grades.   Students are able to check their grades on Skyward.  


Daily Work     70%

Test 30%


Homework Assignments:

    Students may be given homework on occasion or may be required to finish an assignment for homework that they did not finish in class.  They may also be assigned projects during the year.  Homework is due when it’s due.  No excuses!  


Missed Work/Absences:

  • It is the student’s RESPONSIBILITY  to obtain the assignments, Journal notes, and any other information that is missed during an absence.  

  • Missed work due to an absence:  Students have additional time (1 day for each day missed) to complete make-up assignments.  


Correcting an Assignment:

   Students will be given an opportunity to correct a failed assignment under certain  conditions:

  • The assignment is not something we did together in class that the student failed to pay attention to or work on while we were going over the assignment.  

  • It is the student’s responsibility to correct the assignment and turn it in.

  • The assignment will be re-graded for a grade up to a 70.  

  • Students will not be allowed to correct Tests.  



Brandy Ballard

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